Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rogue debt collectors

Secretive Iv agents as debt collectors trying to find secretive b people hiding from them. Then their Bi community starts protecting them like a Ro herd protecting R members. V creditors using these agents, the system separating into Iv-B and V-Bi because of weak I-O policing. 

Dispatch investigation | Debt deception | The Columbus Dispatch

Rogue debt collectors are chasing Americans for debts they paid long ago or never owed, and they are threatening consumers with ruined credit reputations if they don’t pay.
They are pursuing innocent people who share a name or an old address with the real debtor. They are hounding victims of identity theft and credit-card fraud.
They are illegally pressuring people to pay debts even without original documentation that proves they owe something.
Thousands of state and federal complaints reveal a cry for help from consumers who say that their credit reports have been wrongly tarnished by debt collectors.
Even one unpaid debt in collection on a credit report — no matter the amount — can harm a consumer with an otherwise pristine payment history. It can stifle refinancing a house, opening a credit-card account or buying a car.
The 34-year-old federal law that governs debt collection is so broken that the industry itself has joined a chorus of government regulators, watchdogs and consumer advocates calling for reform.

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